One family poses next to a dead giraffe.

A family poses standing proudly next to a dead giraffe, killed by shots just for sport.       Tourists like these are paying tens of thousands of pounds to legally hunt giraffes, the tallest animal on earth. Many of them bring the heads of the animals to their home as trophies of an “adventure” in Africa. Giraffes expert, Dr. Julian Fennessey said many of them are from Britain, but most are from North America, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia.

“Some hunters take pictures next to the dead giraffe,” says the doctor. However, others pay to get their heads as souvenirs, or the skin, reports The Sun.

Hunters pay up to $ 10,000 for the giraffe hunting expeditions, and they especially hunt the larger males. It is now thought that giraffes are extinct in Angola, Mali and Nigeria. However, in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe is still legal to hunt them. Joe Duckworth, from the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “It is extremely selfish to kill these animals.” So…should we believe in humanity?


4 thoughts on “One family poses next to a dead giraffe.

  1. none of these dead giraffes appears to be a “larger” animal…they all appear to be young and small…easier to carry home…ick

  2. Who the f*ck are you heinous people? What is the point of your carnage? You are despicable…and if there is a god I can only hope you get what’s coming to you. A shot in the head would be too humane. The money you spent to destroy this gorgeous inoffensive animal could have been better spent on..oh, I don’t know – shoes, maybe considering the blonde plastic bimbo on the left in that first photo. Jesus Christ. He would be spinning in his grave….of course you believe in the resurrection, don’t you? You look like christians.

  3. Nasty. Just plain nasty. Take those children away from those disgusting ”parents” and put them with ANYONE who will show them the correct way to treat wildlife.

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